Do you sleep on the right or left side of the bed?

Does your mind affect which aspect of the mattress you sleep on?

In line with new analysis, individuals who sleep on the left aspect of the mattress contemplate themselves extra left-brained and individuals who sleep on the proper aspect of the mattress contemplate themselves extra right-brained.

This new statistic emerged in a research of two,000 People, which discovered that People who sleep on the left aspect usually tend to want oldies music and drama movies, whereas right-side sleepers want rock music and motion flicks.


The survey, performed by OnePoll on behalf of Slumber Cloud, additionally revealed right-siders are likely to want wine over beer, whereas left-siders are the alternative. The stats additionally got here out for political affiliation, as left-wingers are likely to sleep on the left aspect of the mattress, and right-wingers are likely to sleep on the proper aspect of the mattress.

So why do People want their specific aspect of the mattress?

In line with the outcomes, the highest motive People sleep the place they do is that it’s truly simpler for them to get off the bed on that aspect (40 p.c). Funnily sufficient, the second greatest motive People sleep on their aspect of the mattress is that their companion prefers the opposite aspect (31 p.c), and one in 4 says their most well-liked aspect has the higher view of the TV (25 p.c).

"Staying as far away as possible from a snoring partner" wasn't a common-enough response to make it on the list.

“Staying as distant as potential from a loud night breathing companion” wasn’t a common-enough response to make it on the listing.


“All causes for sleeping in your aspect of the mattress are good causes… apart from it being uncomfortable,” mentioned Katie Mellott of Slumber Cloud.

And though they are saying you must get eight hours of magnificence relaxation per night time, in accordance with the outcomes of the research, we’re all barely getting six. On prime of that, we’re waking up about two instances in the course of the night time.

The typical American is clocking six hours and 22 minutes of sleep each night time, however one in 4 People (22 p.c) say they solely get about 4 or 5 hours. And it’s proving to not be sufficient for many of us, as the typical American will hit the snooze button twice a morning, with respondents additionally waking up grumpy twice per week.

The typical American may also oversleep and be late for work as soon as per week, with one in six saying that quantity is definitely larger.

As a result of lack of sleep, People additionally say they make two errors at work every single day, with 27 p.c saying they make greater than that. And dangerous sleep or lack of sleep is affecting extra than simply our punctuality and job efficiency, as 55 p.c say they really feel much more delinquent after a nasty night time of sleep.


“Get rid of feeling such as you wakened on the incorrect aspect of the mattress by ensuring you might be getting high quality sleep,” continued Mellott. “Frequent causes for not getting the proper sleep are waking up sizzling all through the night time and too many distractions within the bed room.”

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