Fasting Reverses Aging

Fasting Reverses Aging

A new research study has actually found that fasting triggers a molecule that can delay the aging of our arteries.

The findings could help avoid age-related chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Researchers have found a new function for a particle produced during fasting: it can keep our vascular system supple and young

Fasting Reverses AgingThe search for eternal youth has preoccupied the human imagination since the times of Ancient Greece.

In fact, a glimpse at Greek mythology reveals that youth was more valued than immortality, as some misconceptions inform the story of how futile the latter is if it’s not accompanied by the former.

In this regard, modern medicine has just recently been catching up with ancient mythology

Emerging scientific developments encourage us to hope that the misconception of the fountain of youth will quickly come true.

In a current study, scientists were able to reverse signs of aging such as loss of hair and wrinkles in mice; and, perhaps more remarkably, another group of scientists handled to revitalize aging human cells.

Now, a new study adds to the proof that aging can undoubtedly be reversed. Scientists led by Dr. Ming-Hui Zou– the director of the Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine at Georgia State University in Atlanta– revealed that fasting, or restricting calorie intake, can produce a particle that postpones vascular aging.

How a ketone molecule keeps cells young-Fasting Reverses Aging

Dr. Zou explains the motivation for this study, stating, “The most vital part of aging is vascular aging. When people become older, the vessels that supply different organs are the most sensitive and more subject to aging damage, so studying vascular aging is really important.”

So, the researchers set out to focus on vascular aging, on the modifications that occur with senescence, and on ways to prevent them.

So, what are some other steps we can take to reverse aging?

1. You need to become more active. The word cannot be avoided, as much as I know it will send out a lot of people heading to some other website with a conversation of something more amusing.

However, you MUST get a regular moderate workout. Please realize, however, that you do not have to work yourself to exhaustion a number of days a week to help slow down and even reverse the aging process.

In fact, trying to do excessive prematurely is one of the biggest reasons anybody at any age might choose to stop a workout program. If you have not been active just recently, then anything you do to become more active is a workout!

If you have not been lifting a three-pound weight 10 times a day, 3 days a week, then doing so is a workout and will produce benefits. If you have not been walking the block five times a week, then doing so is a workout. If you can not make it around the block, go to the completion of the block and come back.

Go a couple of steps further every day or so, and ultimately you WILL make it around the block. Then you add another block but never ever try to do too much too quickly.

Exercise is much too broad a subject to cover in a number of paragraphs here, but remember these points: Start small, increase slowly, do not anticipate excessive right now, your body must be challenged to improve, and the majority of exercise books are written with young somewhat healthy people in mind.

2. You need to pay attention to nutrition. As we age, we frequently rollover our the eating practices of younger years into our later life. However, our bodies alter.

We no longer have the resting metabolic rate we had years earlier. This means that we do not burn calories as fast as we used to, and, especially when integrated with decreased activity, this causes us to gain weight.

Fasting Reverses Aging
Fasting Reverses Aging

While the common American and European diet plan can be unhealthy at any age, as we age, we tend to lose interest in food due to different psychological and physical events and this deprives us of even the few nutrients we might have received from the food we consume.

As we grow older and become ‘elders’, many of us do lose interest in consuming.

Maybe we no longer experience the joy of all the flavors and textures as we lose some of our ability to taste foods.

Perhaps meal preparation and preparation just appears to become too much of an effort … particularly for those cooking for one.

It, therefore, ends up being very crucial to make getting the right nutrition a mindful everyday option on our part. At least, we must probably make sure we get a balanced diet with a lot of protein, fresh fruits, and fresh veggies.

It is also important to take a daily multivitamin, and some experts even advise taking 2 a day.

For those who are just not exactly sure if they are getting enough protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, there are a host of nutrition bars and beverages available.

Take care, nevertheless, as a few of these can be high in sugar and sodium.

3. You should get a lot of rest. By ‘rest’ I primarily mean sleep, which becomes extremely important as we age. When younger, we might ‘get by’ on a couple of hours of sleep or deny ourselves rest and just keep driving on, drawing on the energy and resiliency of youth.

As we age, nevertheless, our bodies actually need more rest. While exercise and appropriate nutrition can help us remain fit and this can aid in our resting efforts, they also need us to get the sleep we need.

4. You need to make new friends. As we age, we ultimately begin to lose some of our pals, coworkers, and other social connections. If we retire or leave the daily hum of life due to a health problem or lack of interest, we will no longer have that day-to-day contact with acquaintances and, perhaps, the general public.

People who retire and do not keep up their connections to other members of society tend to move into an emotional and physical state which affects their health and in some cases ends in early death.

People who remain active, essential members of society quite often keep entering good health for many years even without the advantages of a particularly planned program nutrition and workout.

Their interest in life and individuals around them keeps them active and enjoying their day-to-day activities, consisting of food, rest, activity, and all the important things that in some cases make life worth living.

The more connections we have, the more connected we feel to live, and the more helpers we may have in time of need also.

5. You should trigger other levels of existence. For some, this will indicate religion, while for others, it might mean increased gratitude of nature, or the exploration of the inner self.

Making time for reading, consideration, or actual study can go a long way towards keeping us young( er) longer. This could suggest taking a course in something we have actually constantly wanted to learn.

This new awareness and knowledge can open a new world of interests and contacts.

Even things as simple as working crossword puzzles can help keep us more alert mentally and aid in keeping our awareness of, and interest in the world around us at a peak.

Some very particular steps for those inclined to follow this a bit an, even more, would be the research study of such disciplines as tai-chi, yoga, or meditation.

The very first 2 specifically combine the aspects of a physical and mental workout while also teaching kinds of meditation which may have been concealed from us.

Meditation itself, while not specifically an exercise, can enhance specific physical functions while supplying us with insights into our lives as it reveals us new services to old and new problems while offering us a method of accomplishing rest and relaxation.

In spite of the public’s worry that these disciplines might be too difficult to discover, especially by those in or approaching their senior years, they are in fact very simple to learn and the little effort needed initially will ultimately reward the persistent practitioner often times over.

While a few of us are lucky adequate to have been blessed with just the ideal combination of genes, training, and experience to keep us hale and hearty into our later years, most of us will need to make personal options and do something about it if we wish to delay the effects of time or perhaps reverse aging itself.


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  1. A good post you have addressed some very valid points…I follow intermittent fasting which I find a good way and as you say as we age we lose our want to eat as much so we should make those meals count 🙂

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