Does Hydrogen Peroxide really Whiten Teeth

Does Hydrogen Peroxide really Whiten Teeth


Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is a topic that has actually been commonly debated.

First, let’s begin by discussing what hydrogen peroxide is exactly and The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth are.

It is a chemical that is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen. It has many uses.

Paper and textile companies frequently use it as a lightening agent.

It can also be used a disinfectant or antibacterial on an open injury.

In addition, it is used as a teeth whitening agent.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide really Whiten Teeth
Does Hydrogen Peroxide really Whiten Teeth

When I initially found out about people using it to lighten teeth I was a bit stunned.

It had simply never ever crossed my mind that it could be used in this way.

Many people have had success, however, using some form of it to lighten their teeth.

The majority of the time, this chemical is not used directly to the teeth in its raw kind.

There are several hydrogen peroxide teeth lightening products in the marketplace.

These products use a lot more gentle form of this liquid, combined with other things in order to work.

The item is applied to the teeth and works slowly to whiten.

The reason that these products are diluted is that peroxide has been understood to trigger level of sensitivity in peoples teeth and gums.

If you were to use it in its pure type you risk of having very sensitive teeth.

Is It Safe?

Hydrogen peroxide is absolutely safe to use on your teeth. Dental practitioners all over the country have been using this for several years.

They all use some sort of peroxide service for their expert teeth whitening services. Given their approaches are far more intricate and use light treatment to accelerate the process.

The basic lightening agent is the same, though.

So there is really nothing to worry about when it pertains to using hydrogen peroxide teeth bleaching items.

So How Does It Work?

Well, the general concept is that the peroxide serves as a lightening representative. People have been using it to bleach their hair for a long period of time.

The exact same principle applies here. The peroxide acts to bleach your tooth’s enamel and wipe away discolorations.

Your teeth are porous and the peroxide will permeate into your teeth and whiten into your tooth’s second layer, or dentin.

As I stated, most whitening products on the marketplace today use some kind of hydrogen peroxide as the lightening representative.

I have used numerous of these items myself and can report great results. I saw a noticeable difference in the color of my teeth within a week!



Hydrogen Peroxide was discovered in 1818 by Louis Jacques. It is nearly acid-like in effects and usages.

Although the structures are merely water and oxygen alone, this type of acid has been used from whitening paper products to producing rocket fuel.

It can also be used for many functions in the home like:

1. Laundry Whitening

With the whitening power of hydrogen peroxide in paper items, it is also helpful for washing white clothes. However, it is not a good idea to put this chemical directly on your clothing. This is just replacement for bleach and is used the same treatment. A cup of it into a load of white clothing in the washer will lighten your clothing.

2. Disinfectant for Different Areas of the Home

Mixing water and hydrogen peroxide is a great disinfectant of the cooking area. Putting the 50/50 service into a spray bottle can allow you to use the mix on appliances and furniture also to keep a germ-free home. Know that you mix just the amount you will use at a time.

3. Eliminate Fungus in your Body

Not just does hydrogen peroxide good in keeping the home germ-free. It is also great in getting rid of fungi from your body. 50/50 option of water and hydrogen peroxide is all you need for fungi under your fingernails and toenails. Soaking your fingers and toes in the solution every day will keep you fungus-free.

4. Homemade Tooth Whitener

An everyday gargle of hydrogen peroxide with 3% strength for 5 to ten minutes only can keep your mouth tidy and teeth whiter. Additionally, it is an extremely inexpensive option in preserving your dental health.

5. Antiseptic for the Bathroom

Hydrogen peroxide in 3% concentration with equal parts of water is a really reliable bathroom antiseptic. Your bathroom will be cleaner and smelling tidy with the simple option of water and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Help in Growing Houseplants Healthier

All it takes is an ounce into one cup of water. This solution can be sprayed to your houseplants. It can trigger greener and plentiful houseplants.

7. Takes Pesticides Off your Fruits and Vegetables

Putting a quarter of hydrogen peroxide into a basin of water is good for cleaning your fruits and vegetables before consumption to remove remaining pesticides. Rinse the fruits and towel dry afterward.

8. Clears Skin Acne from Face

Acne and pimples can dry up with making use of hydrogen peroxide twice or thrice a day. This can dry up acne and pimples really quickly.

9. Eliminates Earwax Build Up in the Ears

Three to four drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ears can remove wax develop in the ears. Let this sit for a number of minutes. Rinse the ears with warm water carefully using a syringe. Dry the ears with soft fabric and your earwax are gone.

10. Sanitizes Drinking Fountains prior to Use

If you wish to be protected from infectious illness from public drinking fountains, be sure to bring with you some hydrogen peroxide.

A splash of the hydrogen peroxide on the water fountain’s spout is all you need.

Leave the chemical there for numerous seconds and turn the water on up until the count of 5.

Now you can drink from a tidy water fountain in the general public.

Removing Teeth Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide-How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Whiten Your Teeth

You do not want to use the peroxide that you can buy at a drugstore if it is going to be absorbed into your body.

The pharmacy range is for external use only, they consist of stabilizers and often include heavy metals. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is the only grade of H2O2 advised for internal use.

It is frequently used in the production of dairy products.===>

But you MUST NOT use it at this strength! It MUST be watered down! See instructions below on how to dilute it.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used at 3% strength as a mouthwash or combined with baking soda for use as toothpaste.

Here is how I use it as a tooth whitener. First, you should water down 35% to 3%, (instructions are below).

Then all you have to do is hold the H2O2 in your mouth for about 10 minutes per day. I keep a bottle of the 3% solution in the shower and put some in my mouth while I shower.

Please brush prior to using the H2O2 to remove any debris and plaque so the hydrogen peroxide can work straight on the discolorations on your teeth.

Diluting 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

Use care when handling 35% hydrogen peroxide. Do not get it on your skin.

At this strength, it will burn your skin. Also, follow the producer’s direction on storage. It needs to be kept in a cold place like your fridge.

Step One Pour some of the 35% H2O2 a measuring cup. Fill to 1oz.

Step Two Add this to 11 ounces of distilled water.

This will yield 12 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Please label the bottle. You do not want someone to think it is water and consume it.

I typically just double this by including 2ounces of 35% H2O2 to 22 ounces of pure water

. I double it due to the fact that I use it for many other things besides tooth bleaching.

Using it at this dilution a bottle of the 35% lasts a long time.

There you have it!

Some makers of H2O2 will offer you a 35% service that is not food grade that contains heavy metals and stabilizers.

Beware what you buy! If you select to use the food grade hydrogen peroxide please think about buying it on my site.

You will receive the purest H2O2 that is readily available! No chemicals or heavy metals!

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth

Soothe a sore throat

Gargling with hydrogen peroxide may help an aching throat in a number of methods.

Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties. It can help your body combat bacterial infections that often cause aching throats.

In addition, when the mucus in your mouth comes into contact with hydrogen peroxide, it produces a foam.

This foam makes the mucus less sticky and much easier to drain pipes.

It can also help to loosen up the mucus in your throat, which can cause inflammation and discomfort.

Young children and people who have a difficult time gargling without swallowing can try gargling warm seawater rather for comparable advantages.====>

Follow these steps for gargling:

Mix one cup of warm water with 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon of salt.

Swish this seawater mixture around in your mouth for about 60 seconds.

Spit the solution out after swishing.

Improve oral health

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant that can help to keep canker sores and other small wounds in

your mouth from ending up being contaminated, which also helps them heal much faster.

A 2012 review of studies about hydrogen peroxide and oral health found that it can also help to lower gum swelling when used in conjunction with routine brushing and flossing.

To get the most out of hydrogen peroxide’s oral health benefits, make sure you swish it around the front of the mouth while you’re swishing so it reaches your front teeth and gums.

Whiten your teeth
Hydrogen peroxide is the main active ingredient in many over-the-counter and professional teeth-whitening items.

Swishing with hydrogen peroxide might make your teeth look whiter for a few hours right after you do it. However, a 2015 research study found that hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes need to be used regularly over several months to produce an enduring effect.

This exact same research study also found that over the counter bleaching gels with 10% carbamide peroxide, which contains about 3.5% hydrogen peroxide, were considerably efficient at bleaching teeth.

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