Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed For Arthritis

Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed For Arthritis

Vitamin C is a crucial anti-infection substance. Ensure that your diet plan contains citrus fruits, green or red pepper, berries and other foods high in the Vitamin C. A diet plan fortified with the Eternal youth Cocktail will never ever be short of Vitamin C.

Moderate infections can be gotten rid of with absolutely nothing more than a boost in Vitamin C intake where the diet has actually undersupplied this essential substance. By fortifying your diet plan with considerable amounts of the C Vitamin and preserving a natural existence (sun, air, earth, and water) you can avoid infection instead of having the harder task of treating it once the infection has started.

T. H. struggled with acute arthritis that brought him to a semi-crippled state. His left hand was entirely immobile and a similar condition had actually begun at the hips, causing him to flex at the waist when walking, which might just be accomplished with making use of a cane.

The discomfort made sleep almost impossible and for a year he had been using barbiturate to induce rest during the night.

A three-quarter pack was prescribed to be used for two hours, twice every week.

Cold-water rubs were administered each early morning with a friction rub of the entire body (the affected location to be rubbed gently to prevent unneeded discomfort).

Affusions of the knees and the affected area were bought. The water pressure upon the afflicted point was identified by the condition of the client, the guideline is to avoid excess pain at all times.

A non-stimulating diet plan was ordered, accompanied by the Fountain of Youth Mixed Drink. Warm compresses were applied in the evening (heating pads covered in wet towels).

Sun- and air-baths were administered daily, weather condition permitting.

Three weeks after following the above, T. H. lives without the help of a cane. The discomfort had not completely eased off, but at no time were sleeping-pills permitted and after the first night, the client had slept satisfactorily from day 1.

In the house, he stayed on the non-stimulating diet plan (strengthened with the Fountain of Youth Mixed drink) for two months. Throughout that time, he continued the use of warm compresses each night and cold rubs and friction rubs each early morning.

At the end of 2 months, the pain had subsided. T. H. then increased the scope of his diet plan, continuing the focus upon Vitamin C foods.

One year after he had actually begun his new life, observing all the laws of natural existence and providing himself with large amounts of Vitamin G foods, the Fountain of Youth Cocktail and brisk wet and friction rubs, T. H. lost all the uncomfortable signs of arthritis.

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