Shark tooth pulled from man’s foot 25 years after bite

A shark assault is difficult to neglect, however one Florida man received a reminder not too long ago within the type of a painful blister on his foot that truly contained the tip of a tooth. Jeff Weakley, who was browsing off Flager Seashore in 1994 when the shark struck, stated he initially thought the blister got here from operating.


However when he popped the blister open with a tweezer, the tooth popped out, he advised SWNS. Weakley despatched the tooth in to the Florida Program for Shark Analysis on the Florida Museum of Pure Historical past, the place the used DNA to find out that the tooth certainly belonged to a blacktip shark.

The fragment of the tooth that popped out of Weakley's foot is pictured left, alongside a photo of him from around the time the attack happened.

The fragment of the tooth that popped out of Weakley’s foot is pictured left, alongside a photograph of him from across the time the assault occurred.

“I used to be very excited to find out the id of the shark as a result of I’d all the time been curious,” Weakley, now 46, stated, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History. “I used to be additionally slightly bit hesitant to ship the tooth in as a result of for a minute I believed they’d come again and inform me I’d been bitten by a mackerel or a houndfish – one thing actually humiliating.”

Remarkably, the workforce was in a position to recuperate sufficient DNA from the tooth to disclose the shark’s id.

The research team's director wasn't sure they'd be able to pull enough DNA from the tiny fragment after so many years. 

The analysis workforce’s director wasn’t positive they’d be capable of pull sufficient DNA from the tiny fragment after so a few years. 

“I had put our odds of success at slim to none,” Gavin Naylor, the applications director, said in the museum’s blog.

However his workforce prevailed, and Weakley had his reply. He’s chosen to donate the tooth relatively than flip it right into a pendant and stated his expertise didn’t flip him off to water sports activities.


“I’ve been fortunate to haven’t been bitten by a canine, however I might regard that interplay I had with that shark as being no completely different or extra damaging than a canine chunk,” he advised the museum weblog. “I actually don’t have a hatred of sharks or any feeling of vindictiveness towards them. They’re a part of our pure world.”

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