Using Baking Soda To Cure Bad Breath

Bad Breath Cures Baking Soda

Bad Breath Cures Baking Soda

Do you suffer from bad breath and would like to find a natural cure?

Then continue reading to discover the really easy option that has actually worked for me and others.

I have a 5-year-old granddaughter named Maggie (She and my daughter visits me during the summer months)she has actually been struggling with a kind of foul breath considering that she was one year of age

I have tried whatever from unique toothpaste, mouth wash, brushing 3 times a day and even suggesting to my daughter she should try prescription antibiotics, as recommended by her dental practitioner, believing she has a gum infection.

Her mouth smelled so bad in the early morning you might not be near her, that is now history considering that we have created a really easy option. What a relief.

The smell from her mouth was so bad, I was terrified she was going to experience low self-confidence when she grows older and mindful of her body.

I had actually believed the whole time that the sugar in the kid’s toothpaste did not help to refresh her breath. Nevertheless, I did not know any other option to use instead of toothpaste.

Lastly, I came across info that recommended making use of baking soda to brush her teeth and use a mix of baking soda and salt as a natural mouth wash that might help treat the foul breath.

Being desperate to clear the foul breath. I purchased some sodium bicarbonate and my granddaughter and I started using that instead of toothpaste.

In addition, I blended a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and a quarter teas spoon of salt in a glass of water and used that as a mouth wash after brushing.

We did this 2 times a day. I was doing it too in fact, I have felt my mouth to be fresher because I started this regimen.

Bad Breath Cures Baking Soda
Bad Breath Cures Baking Soda

The outcomes are fantastic up until now, we have done this for 2 months now.

Her foul breath has actually nearly cleared, she still gets up with some bad smell some days but typically her breath is fresh.

I am so delighted with the outcomes and I swore to share this info with all those people who struggle with bad breath and with all those moms and dads, like me, with children and grandchildren who have this issue.

I discovered that there are a lot of reasons for bad breath.

Some need medical attention while others need simply a great cleansing of the mouth with a compound that is sugar complimentary.

The germs in the mouth prosper on the sugar covering on the back of the tongue.

My tip to all experiencing bad mouth is to get a box of baking soda on the baking area of the grocery store.

This is the very best technique on how to eliminate foul breath using a natural halitosis mouth wash that you can quickly make in your home

 Baking Soda Benefits-Bad Breath Cures Baking Soda

Here are some health advantages and methods of using baking soda:

Help in Food digestion
Enhanced Oral Health
Gets Rid Of Bad Odors
Excellent and Non-toxic Disinfectant and General Cleanser
Help in Food digestion

If you have any kind of indigestion, take some sodium bicarbonate for quick relief. It gets the job done rapidly. Within 15-20 minutes you’ll either belch or vomit.

One way or the other, you have actually simply overcome the worst of it. Even simply to settle your indigestion, blend an 1/8 teaspoon in warm water; stir to liquify and consume.

Much Better Oral Health
Lightens stained teeth. This is a popular healthy advantage of baking soda. Use it to brush your teeth (with or without toothpaste) for stain elimination.

You’ll have much healthier, shinier teeth and gums. The total sensation of tidiness in your mouth is identifiable right now. Brush frequently to fend off coffee and red wine discolorations.

Also, it benefits brushing the mouth out when you have a mouth aching and for rinsing when you feel the beginning of an aching throat. Use a cup of the hottest water you can handle and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Swish or rinse as long as possible, spit out and repeat.

Eliminates Bad Odors
Use it to eliminate bad odors. It’s widely known that putting some sodium bicarbonate in your fridge will keep the bad smells at bay.

Place numerous tablespoons in an open recipient and let stand in refrigerator. Modification monthly or two. It’s also proficient at getting rid of pesky smells from around the sink and drains pipes. Place a number of tablespoons of baking soda in hot water, stir to liquefy and pour down the drain.

General Home Cleanser
Use when requiring to clean countertops, baths, and sinks. It’s non-toxic and odorless. You do not take in bad fumes and it eliminates any spots and smells that stick around in nooks and crannies.

It gets rid of surface area discolorations too. Try scrubbing it right away on fresh damp carpet discolorations to soak up the worst of the stain right now.

Sodium bicarbonate is a “bonified” cleanser, stain and cleaner.

It’s simple to include sodium bicarbonate and its healthy advantages into your daily life. It worth its salt for tidiness and health

Constantly keep a box on hand and use as required.


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  1. This is so useful, thank you. We are about to start a regime of homeopathy and any form of peppermint negates the treatment. We’d sorted a toothpaste but were struggling with a mouthwash. This is perfect, we’ll be using this from now on ????

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