Why does my Stomach hurt after I Eat a Banana

Why does my Stomach hurt after I Eat a Banana

Why does my Stomach hurt after I Eat a Banana

Why does my Stomach hurt after I Eat a Banana?

When people get stomach discomfort particularly related to eating, they assume what they have eaten has actually caused and even worsened already existing ulcers.

While treatment for ulcers is dependent on the underlying cause, making dietary changes consisting of the aggravating food then can help ease symptoms.

People might get an aching stomach after eating a banana not since they cause them peptic ulcers but, because of a banana allergy, a digestive tract disorder including malabsorption of fructose or irritable bowel syndrome.

Fructose is an easy sugar found in many types of fruits, consisting of bananas.

Though a banana contains relatively low quantities of fructose compared to its juice, people with genetic fructose digestion tract handling problems might react terribly to fructose leading to stomach discomfort or gas and diarrhea.

People that have difficulty digesting the starch in matooke might get a stomach ache with rumbling, immediately after consuming bananas in a condition called pollen-food allergic reaction syndrome.

This can also trigger allergy signs such as swelling of the lips and tongue, wheezing, stomach cramps, and diarrhea, whether the banana is a fruit or food.

Skin itching and rashes can also develop after touching the fruit or peel of a banana.

People with allergies to latex can also experience banana allergic reactions or even avocados due to the naturally happening chitinase in the rubber tree, bananas, and avocados.

People with irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, experience symptoms like abdominal pain, gas diarrhea or

irregularity and headache after consuming specific foods consisting of bananas.

The Banana Diet-Why does my Stomach hurt after I Eat a Banana

Among the very best methods to help with weight-loss efforts is believed to be the banana diet plan. There are different variations of the diet plan offered and these include consuming 1-2 bananas before the 3 main meal times.

The primary principle behind the banana diet plan is consuming whatever you want as long as you consume 1-2 bananas before breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Having stated that it is a great concept to eat a well-balanced plan in conjunction with the bananas and consume great deals of water which will keep you hydrated.

You might wish to change from eating a  banana which other fruits once in a while to separate the regimen which allows you to keep the momentum going on your mission of a slimmer body.

For a much healthier and slimmer body, some basic guidelines to follow are …

# 1 Workout a minimum of thirty minutes a day

# 2 Consume a well balanced diet plan

# 3 Eat at least 1 banana before breakfast, lunch, and supper

# 4 Try to unwind as much as possible through meditation, yoga or a comparable activity

# 5 A vigorous walk whenever you can

# 6 Doing a sport one or two times a week

With all this in mind, a great concept might be to grow your own bananas.

To Grow Banana Plants are simple enough if the best mix of aspects exists. A Banana Plant can take up to 9 months to end up being fully grown and requires a great deal of taking care of for it to grow to its maximum capacity. Some plants can measure up to 25 years long which the capacity to produce a great quantity of fruit

Similar to the majority of plants the banana tree requires great deals of light and flourishes best in a high level of humidity.

The banana tree can grow rapidly if you provide enough and good quality fertilizers. You need to choose a fertilizer that is enhanced with potassium, but has reasonably low nitrogen. Organic aspects are great options to chemical fertilizers.

Often it is a great concept to keep an eye on the time of the week when the bananas stop growing. When they stop growing, you need to wait about 4 weeks before cutting of the stalk of the banana from the body of the tree.

With care, you will have all the banana plants you need which will assist with your diet plan …

Among the very best aspects of the banana diet plan is that you really do not need to alter your way of life apart from consuming a banana before each meal to try it.

Interested in Growing your own banana tree?

Get a baby banana plant for planting in the soil. You can also use a banana leaf, but this is a much better alternative.

Plant the baby banana plant in sandy soil as this will help the tree to retain water.

A banana tree grows fast when planted and you can see a new leaf every week, in a warm environment the banana tree requires to be watered every day.

As soon as the tree is entirely grown, it will present bananas. As I stated before, It takes a banana plant about 9 months to grow and put forth a lot of banana leaves.

Banana trees grow best when they have been placed completely in sunlight, but they can also grow in partial dubious locations.

You do not need to prune a banana tree unless for visual purposes.

When the tree has totally presented fruits, it is much better to completely lower the tree since this procedure helps the roots to restore the plant.

The ideal temperature level for growing bananas is around 26-30 ° C (78-86F).

They can grow in extremely hot and cool weather, but they are not comfortable in such severe weather condition and frost will literally eliminate the plant.

They need routine watering and if you can plant many banana trees in your backyard, using a sprinkler system to keep them watered and to guarantee that there is good enough humidity around them is necessary for correct growth.

Prevent standing water from occurring in the area where you plant your bananas. Check the soil to learn how dry it is so that you can water it that far more often.

It is necessary to grow many banana plants together as this offer security to each plant.

This levels temperature level changes and also increases humidity in between the plants, something that the plants need a lot.

If you see any decomposed leaves or harmed leaves eliminate them as soon as possible. Fertilizing the Banana tree must be done using a balanced fertilizer.

It is also necessary to fertilize gently as this will make sure that the plant feeds nominally on the fertilizer as Banana plants tend to feed heavily on offered nutrients.

You need to water the plant after checking if the soil is dry for half inches in depth




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